Danny Joe Brannan

Danny Joe Brannan, 88, of Moorestown, NJ passed away on July 27th.


Danny was born in St. Joseph, MO to Kenneth and Helen (Long) Brannan. He grew up with one brother, Ron. As a teen, he loved boxing and learning. The two Brannan brothers shared many adventures together. He married Tokiko Mitsufuji in 1963 and was married for 48 years until her passing in 2012.


He is survived by his only daughter, Linda Kathleen Smith, and her husband, Terry Smith, of Jobstown, NJ. He was a wonderful grandfather to Linda and Terry's four children: Daniel Josiah, Alison Brittany (Gutacker), Emily Elizabeth and Andrew Elliott. He was affectionately known as "Poppy" to his grandchildren and those close to him. He was able to hold his first great grandchild, Elias James Gutacker, during their visit from Alaska last Christmas.


Danny had a passion for life and was a wonderful conversationalist. He had many hobbies, including fishing, golfing, and bowling. He was a world traveler and continued traveling even throughout his later years. He held a wide range of jobs over his life time, primarily in the education/academic arenas. He was a role model and friend to many. He was a man of integrity and compassion.


In addition to his family, he is survived by his close friend and traveling companion, Evelyn Musico Dinglasan, a Filipina from the Philippines. Danny lived a full life; saw many great things; was well loved by his family and friends; and will be dearly missed.


Services for Danny will be private; however any of Danny's friends are welcome to contact the Smith Family directly to arrange a time to visit and meet with the family in person. Condolences can be sent to: The Smiths, 51 Applegate Road, Jobstown, NJ 08041.